Stacey Magliaro holds degrees in Environmental Science and Biology from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Binghamton University.  While doing graduate field work, she contracted what would be a devastating Lyme disease infection and by 2007 was severely disabled.  After several years of conventional treatment for Lyme Disease without much improvement, she made the decision to stop all antibiotics and turned to alternative medicine.  She began studying herbal medicine in Demetria Clark's Master Herbalist program and meanwhile acquired knowledge in other complimentary methods of natural healing including flower essences and whole-foods nutrition.  Through her study of herbs, nutrition and vibrational medicine she was not only was able regain an active and full life but reconnect with her love of the natural world. 

Because of her history, Stacey has a special understanding of Lyme disease and other inflammatory conditions such as fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue. She commits to staying informed of current information by reading up-to-date publications and attending conferences.  Combined with good instincts and her knowledge of the Buhner herbs and other herbs for Lyme, she has helped a number of individuals get on the road to recovery.

Unfortunately, most of the options for trying to regain health from Lyme and associated tick-borne illnesses involve going deeply into debt or are not financially accessible to the average person. On top of the devastation due to the health effects, the financial impacts just add to the stress and often tear families apart.  Having walked this road, Stacey is sensitive to the financial strain that Lyme can cause to families.  She offers her services at much lower costs than other professionals and is open to reasonable barter.

Besides her interest in inflammatory conditions such as Lyme and fibromyalgia, Stacey has an interest in the use of herbs and diet for anti-aging (or more aging well!), Women's Health Issues, and helping individuals regain lost vitality.  She is willing to work with individuals with many different types of health concerns.

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