Herbal Consultations
An herbalist is someone with extensive knowledge of herbs who provides information so individuals can make empowered decisions and work toward improved health.   

During the initial hour consultation, a detailed medical history and symptom picture is taken.  Stacey will then recommend number of herbal or lifestyle changes. The initial consultation includes a 10 minute phone follow-up.   Consultations are available in-person or over Skype.

Initial consultations are $125.00 and follow-up visits are $45

Sound Therapy

In addition to her herbalist services, Stacey offers one-on-one singing bowl and tuning fork sound immersion sessions.  Stacey studied vibrational sound healing with the Nepalese singing bowl master Suren Sherstha.   During the sessions, both Himalayan and crystal singing bowls are placed on or around the individual.  Singing bowls and tuning forks are played resulting in waves of sound that can be felt as well as heard.   It feels like being one with sound and vibration and is an experience like no other.  Most people find singing bowl sessions to be deeply moving and relaxing.   Sound immersion can very valuable for people facing serious illness or for relieving stress. 

$45 for a one-on-one session

Group events available. 

Barter may be available for individuals living in or near Albany as a substitution for payment. In particular, we would be interested in masonry and handyman services. Please enquire for more details.

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